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Elecciones en Escocia (I): caos en el recuento

Spoilt ballot papers on an electronic counting machine at the Aberdeen Exhibition Conference Centre. Many voters were confused by the changed ballot and several votes held together (The Times)

Problemas técnicos y la confusión entre las papeletas de las elecciones locales y regionales han convertido las elecciones escocesas en un verdadero caos. Muchas papeletas se han perdido en el proceso y los resultados definitivos aún están por llegar (se posteará en breves).

Lean este recorte de prensa y sorpréndanse:

(1) What a fiasco

"Changes to the design of the Holyrood ballot papers and the fact the national poll was run on the same day as local council elections - which were using the Single Transferable Vote system for the first time - were blamed for widespread confusion. Around 100,000 ballot papers - roughly eight times the figure for the last Holyrood elections - are thought to have been declared spoiled"

"In some constituencies, the number of spoiled papers was greater than the winning majority, casting inevitable doubts over the validity of the result"

(2) Parties demand answers over spoilt ballot papers

"The number of spoilt papers in Airdrie and Shotts was 1,536 - while the Labour majority over the SNP was just 1,446."

"Meanwhile in Glasgow Baillieston, the total number of rejected papers, at 1,850, made up more than 10% of the votes accepted."

(3) Inquiry launched into Scottish poll chaos as Labour is battered

"Mr Salmond blamed the number of spoilt papers on the Scotland Office's decision to hold parliamentary and council elections on the same night, using three different electoral methods on only two ballot papers. The confusion among voters had led a situation that was "totally unacceptable in a democratic society", said Mr Salmond. "

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  1. # Blogger Laia

    tela marinera!
    bueno, a partir de ahora los politólogos/as podremos empezar a hablar del "spoiled voting", y no sólo del "split voting" ;)  

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